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The Logoworks process in a nutshell:

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Select a logo design package that is best for you. Then, follow our sign-up process to submit your order. If you're ready now, get started. Complete our creative brief that ensures we understand your business and your vision. We'll follow up if we discover you had trouble filling out the form, but you'll maintain control of the process. View original logo concepts online, in Project Central, in just 3 business days. These concepts will be created by some of the best designers in the industry. Meet our designers.

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View revisions just 2 business days after you choose a logo concept in step 3.

Our designers make revisions based on your feedback so you are always part of the design process.
You'll get your final logo when you are satisfied with the last revision. We'll give you the final logo via download in all necessary file formats.

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step one

Step 1 - Select the logo design package that is best for you.


When you're ready to get a new logo, go to our packages page to find the right package and price combination for you. We offer 6 different packages that vary depending on the number of designers from our network of professional designers, and the number of concepts and revisions that will be available. The more expensive packages also come with other design options, including customized business stationery for your logo. We offer many other design options separate from our packages as well, but the logo design package is where you'll want to start.

If you know you'll eventually need business cards, you'll save time and money by choosing a package that includes stationery with your logo.

Once you select a package, we'll collect your contact and billing information. This will allow our design consultants to monitor your progress and personally contact you if they notice you are having difficulty during the design process. In addition, you can reach us by phone call, internet chat, or email with any questions about your project.

step two

Step 2 - Complete our creative brief.

After we confirm your order, we'll ask you to answer questions in a creative brief that helps us understand you, your business, and your logo preferences. With 45,000 logos in our portfolio, we know what to look for to make sure we develop a logo that fulfills its business purposes, yet appeals to both you and your customers in terms of color, style, and overall feel.

If you have any questions about the creative brief, don't worry. You can contact us for assistance, or you can submit the creative brief as is. One of our design representatives will review your work and call you if he or she notices any issues. Whatever you do, make sure you complete and submit the creative brief because we will not assign designers to begin working on your logo until you complete the brief.

After you sign up, you'll always be able to use your e-mail address and password in the top right corner of the home page to log into your account. When you login, you'll be taken to Project Central, where we help you track the status of all projects you are working on at Logoworks.

Your new project will be listed in Project Central, with the date and time your initial logo concepts will be ready for your review.

step three

Step 3 - View and comment on original logo concepts.

The 2-5 designers that have been assigned to your project will design initial concepts based on what the creative brief tells them about what your company wants to convey with your logo.

Your initial logo concepts will be available for viewing through your Project Central account in just 3 business days.

You'll get as many logo concepts as you ordered in your package. In addition, sometimes designers will provide an extra concept for free. In those cases, the extra logo concept will be labeled, "Extra Composition 1," "Extra Composition 2," etc. The designers sometimes make comments about their designs to help you understand why they chose to illustrate a logo a particular way.

Directions on the view compositions page will instruct you on how to let us know which logo you want to use. If you're not ready to choose a logo concept, you can use our voting tool to get your friends' and colleagues to vote on which logos they like best and get their comments on why they like the logos they chose. Keep in mind that these are logo concepts only; once you choose a logo you'll be able to guide the revisions to get the logo exactly how you want to see it.

step four

Step 4 - View and comment on logo revisions.

Once you choose an initial logo concept, we'll ask you to complete a revision brief to instruct our designers what changes you want to make to your logo. Your revision brief helps our designers apply their expertise to your vision. Be sure to be specific on your comments to help our designers best enhance and portray your vision for your logo.

You'll see revisions of the logo you selected 2 business days after you complete the revision brief. Once you submit your revision brief, you can log into Project Central to see the exact time and date you can expect your revisions to appear.

If you have any questions or are having trouble putting your thoughts into words, you are welcome to contact your account manager for assistance. Your account manager is trained to personally assist you during the revision process and discuss with you the different ideas you might be considering. Your account manager will help you understand what makes a great logo. You can even schedule a meeting with your design team at a time that suits you.

If you order the Gold package or anything above, you enjoy unlimited revisions. Most of the time, we're able to get the logo right within 2 revisions but however long it takes, we'll remain attentive and fresh.

step five

Step 5 - Get your final logo.

After you finalize your logo, we'll format it for immediate download so you can start using it right away. This ensures that your logo will look great in any application including faxes, websites, Microsoft Office, Intuit Quickbooks, email signatures, signs, billboards, vehicle graphics, promotional products, and apparel.

Logoworks can satisfy all your design needs, including custom web design, brochure and advertising design, and more. If you would like to discuss any of your design needs with one of our design consultants, just call us at 800-210-7650.

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