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Logoworks is the company logo design expert. Company logos starting at $299

Your corporate image, and especially your company logo, is too important to trust to amateurs. You’ll probably spend $1000s on marketing your products and services, so make sure you start off on the right foot with the company logo design specialists at Logoworks.

Logoworks has taken what was once a long, expensive process and turned it into an easy, even fun experience. With a little input from you about your company, our professional logo designers will provide you with a great-looking, custom company logo design quickly and inexpensively.

Our one-of-a-kind website allows you to see all of your concepts and revisions on the password-protected Project Central page, where you can easily make revision requests and changes. Our customer support is ready to assist you at any time through phone, email and live online chat.

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You have a lot of choices to get a new company logo created:

Have a friend or relative create it – Everyone has an uncle’s cousin’s brother-in-law that does freelance design. While they might be very skilled as a designer and produce something professional, it might not be what you like. In addition, since you know this person you will probably be stuck with the company logo for a long time.

Do-it-yourself – There are a lot of tools out there for graphic design. We use Adobe Illustrator. But like many specialized services, having the tools isn’t as important as the knowledge and skill to use them.

Hire a traditional design firm – You probably have some local ad agencies and design firms in your area. They’ll want to setup an appointment and explain to you their processes in developing a corporate logo. They will typically assign one designer to the project and it will generally cost between $1500-$3000. Aside from the cost and time it will take, they’ll probably do good work.

Online company logo design services – There are numerous sites that create company logos on the Internet. Most of these sites are actually small traditional design shops that put up an Internet storefront. It pays to do your homework when deciding on an online vendor. Here are some tips:

1. Look at the quality of the site – If their own site is unprofessional and not polished, you can only imagine what your image will look like.
2. Make sure you can get a hold of them – many sites hide behind their Internet storefront and avoid customer interaction
3. Review their partners and recommendations – Good company logo design firms have no shortage of happy customers or strong partners.
4. Be careful of ‘Satisfaction Guarantees’ that don’t actually give you any of your money back. Not many sites are really willing to put their money on the line with every project.
5. Look and see where they reside – Do you want to work with a company logo design firm that is located in a country with lax business standards or regulations?
6. Are they using state of the art technology? Most online logo design companies do business via email, which can become complicated and cumbersome as you get into the process of designing your company logo. Look for a company that really uses the internet efficiently by automating tasks such as notifications and display of concepts so that you pay for creativity, not management overhead.