Everyone knows that New York is the capital of the world, or, at least that’s how New Yorkers feel. The hub for styles, trends and what’s fresh and new, New York is the source for fashion, fun and fusion. So if you are a New York business owner, you need your business to really stand out from the crowd. A boring display will just be drowned out by the ever-pulsating verve that is New York. Having a striking, well-designed logo is your best chance at catching people’s eye and keeping them interested long enough to bring them in.

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From small, exclusive shops to the big box stores, the New York skyline is covered with a colorful variety of stores. With close to two million businesses spanning this proud state, it is so easy for an establishment to get swallowed in the crowd. That is why in New York, logo customization is not a luxury, it’s a necessity if you want your business to succeed. The average passerby will give you their attention for approximately ten seconds. That means you have ten seconds for your website, storefront, poster or promotional product to create the impression that makes your customers want to stay. A unique and personalized New York logo design is what will make your business stand out from the rest.

Logoworks has a reputation for creating custom logos that are crisp, clean and bold; just the thing to grab their attention. From small boutique shops to big corporations, we have over 45,000 satisfied customers who have already taken advantage of this innovative opportunity. In addition to your own team of talented designers working on a custom logo design to fit your niche, style and preferences, Logoworks offers other design services to help your business soar. Explore the options including business cards, promotional products, brochures and website design. If you are ready to change the face of your company forever, check out some of our previously chosen logos, design your own custom New York logo here or call for a free consultation with a team of professional designers that are happy to work together with you.


Start the process by picking one of our three logo packages. Our most popular logo package is the Gold, and it gives the ideal combination of variety and affordability for most small businesses.

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