From breathtaking waterfalls and lakes to lush forests and mountains, Oregon is a magical slice of paradise. Its largest city, Portland, is known as the City of Roses. However, even in paradise, somebody has to supply the products and services that keeps everything running smoothly for tourists and natives alike. If you are one of the proud businesses operating in this Pacific Wonderland, then Logoworks can help you out. A personalized Oregon logo design lifts your company above the crowd and makes a positive and lasting impression on your customers. Read on to find out how a custom logo design from Logoworks can make your business shine.

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Individuals Are Welcome

Oregon is not your typical state when it comes to business models. With a huge variety of industries, this highly-motivated area produces some of the finest exports in a range of areas. Logoworks can use this wide assortment to your advantage when we create your logo. Is your company in manufacturing or food production? Does your customer base enjoy the enchanting outdoor recreational activities, or is your business involved in the booming high tech industry? Whatever your product or service, let us give you the ability to attract and impress clients with a unique and captivating logo design.

Inspired Custom Logo Designs

Your logo is not just an image on paper, it is represents your mission. It can be hard to condense that into one small icon, which is why Logoworks provides you with a variety of original logo concepts to choose from. Enjoy four, six or ten different ideas made by the best graphic designers in the business. Some concepts will be hip while others will be retro, some will play with bold colors and others will be delicately subtle. We do all the hard work to ensure that the final result will be a logo that contributes to your business success. And you’ll have time to stop and smell the roses.


Start the process by picking one of our three logo packages. Our most popular logo package is the Gold, and it gives the ideal combination of variety and affordability for most small businesses.

Tell us about you, your business, and why you love what you do. Our designers will combine this information with their creative genius and design you a logo that truly captures the spirit of your business.

You'll receive your initial logos back in just three days. We hope that our designers have captured your overall vision, and with your feedback, we can make the design even better.


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