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A quality logo starts with a quality logo designer. At Logoworks, we work with only highly qualified and experienced logo designers. Your logo will be created by a designer who not only understands good design principles, but who also understands the technical aspects of corporate identity and branding. Our designers know that a good logo, while attractive, also has a function. In short, our designers know what makes a logo great.

Customers like you have been so satisfied with their logo, 98% would recommend Logoworks to a friend.

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Our designers' qualifications

  • We're very selective about the designers with whom we work. We receive so many applications every year that we don't have to settle for second best. Our designers come from top design schools and careers.
  • Our designers attend bi-monthly art classes to keep their perspectives fresh.
  • Our designers are motivated by a competitive incentive program that rewards designers for exceptional work, so they always have a motive to do their very best.
  • Our system allows our experts in logo design to quality check each other.

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Meet the designers – see their portfolios

We have more than 40 designers in-house and even more freelance designers we work with on a regular basis. Our designers are colleagues that bounce ideas off each other to keep their logo artistry fresh. Learn about the training and experience of some of our designers by selecting a designer from the drop-down menu in the right-hand column. Be sure to look at both the "about me" tab and the "portfolio" tab for each designer.

Our clients' experience with the designers

You can see some of our designers' work in action by taking a closer look at some of the projects we have completed for clients. Your project management team will help you communicate your vision and instructions to the designer. You are ultimately in control of the process. But we're here to help with suggestions and to answer your questions along the way.

There are no designer egos involved in our process. Everyone here has only one goal in mind, to create a quality logo you are completely satisfied with.

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