What’s New? Logo and Design News For 12.21.2017

4 years ago

Season’s Greetings! Here’s your news for this week.

Logo Updates

FIDE Chess World Championship Competition Gets Much Needed, but Strange, Update
– We aren’t sure what to say about this one…you’ll just have to see for yourself. Read more here, too.

The US Navy Gets a Logo Update
– Check out the cool anchor-carrying eagle.

Bitcoin Gets a Makeover as Currency Continues to Grow
– Proposed changes to the bitcoin logo and processing signs make it look a bit more professional.

Canadian Maple Syrup Federation Gets Modern
– A beautiful new maple syrup logo has been released for the Federation of farmers that works with the sticky goodness.

Mini Logo Goes Flat and Colorless – Again
– The Mini logo has gotten a minimalistic design…again.

Thorn, Company That Protects Children from Online Sexual Abuse, Gets a New Identity
– Non-profit company Thorn becomes a little less thorny in their design.

Environmental Design

Vivienne Westwood Stops Cat Walks in Favor of Online Shows Instead
– To protect the environment, Vivienne Westwood has canceled their next catwalk show.

Machine That Extracts Water from Air Now Used in Humanitarian Efforts
– A machine that was designed to help the military stay hydrated in desert areas is now being used as a device of humanitarian aid.

Simple Design Can Help Others Understand Sexual Etiquette
– Familiar and easy-to-understand design is helping the idea intimacy become less taboo.

Just for Fun

Netflix Shows You Different Photos for Shows Based on Your Viewing History
– Netflix is using smart design to, well, target its audience.

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